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Examples of Our Capabilities:
  • Custom swimming pools
  • Home theaters and smart homes technology
  • Secret/Panic rooms
  • Mudrooms
  • Custom Trim and Cabinets
  • Tornado Shelters
  • Waterscapes
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Energy efficient homes
We are VA-Approved Builders!
We are 100% Truly Custom Home Builders
The phrase “custom home” is overused by home builders and even misunderstood in today’s housing market. More times than not, home builders offer “inventory homes” or “spec homes”, which are all built with the same set of plans only offering a limited selection of customizable options or add-on features. Though in the end the homes have some level of individuality, they are not truly unique. Although we sell spec homes, which have individual floor plans and are always evolving, we can also build a customizable home that is truly unique to you.

Even though our spec homes are top quality, a custom home is much more than that. We specialize in custom homes designed and built specifically for you, created around your wants, needs, and guided by your vision. Would you want a home that 100% customized to you, your family, and you lifestyle?

Our Customers Love Their Custom Homes
We find that the most satisfied customers always the ones who involve us early in the process when it’s just an idea and even before picking a neighborhood.

If involved early, we can uncover cost savings that have little or no effect on the home’s vision. We can identify costly components or issues in the design that will cost you time and money, and we solve them before the project begins.

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It starts with a phone call.
We personally work on and manage your custom home construction or home remodeling project. And our service is always well beyond what you might be expecting. You can rest assured that you – your family, and your home – will be in good hands.

Daniel and Jennifer Menden
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